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Purchase Notes

Mar 21, 2024

Dear friend

I hope you can patiently read this article before you make a purchase

【Shopping process】

1.Put the product in a shopping cart
2. Fill in delivery address
3. Select transportation method
4. Select payment method


commodity price+transportation cost


 We have many modes of transportation to choose from, and their prices and delivery times are different
(When choosing a transportation method, there will be a reference range of delivery time)

In an ideal state, if the product you purchased is in stock, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. If the product is out of stock, we will leave a message on the website and send an email to your email to communicate with you about replacing the product or refunding. However, this will result in an extension of delivery time. We hope you can understand
So please remember to log in to the website to view our messages or check your email

【After the payment is successful】

After successful payment, we need 4-6 working days to prepare the product and package it to the shipping company. You can view the shipment status and product images in the order message. After 7 days, you can view the tracking order number and logistics information on the website

【After sales issues】

As it is an international express delivery and there are no special circumstances, we do not support returns and refunds
Please check the size and style you want before purchasing

But if the package is lost due to customs inspection, we will resend it free of charge

【About Discounts】

After the first successful purchase, you will be upgraded to a member, and each subsequent transaction will receive a certain percentage of points. Points can be used as cash to purchase products on the website

There are a total of 6 levels for members, and the levels will increase as the purchase amount increases

The higher the membership level, the higher the percentage of points earned per purchase

【Alliance Commission System

You can also earn points through the alliance commission system on the website

 You can log in to your account background, click Affiliate promotion, and then share your exclusive URL with your friends. If they buy products, you can get a commission

I hope we can have a long-term friendly cooperation. If you encounter any problems, please communicate with me in a timely manner, and we will definitely solve the problem for you. However, due to the time difference between us, I am unable to reply to messages in a timely manner. Therefore, please leave a message on the website and let me know

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